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A site dedicated to all products that complement, enhance, aerate, and facilitate people's love of wine. I have visited many cellar doors around the world and have gained a love and appreciation for wines of all varietals. I've also collected (perhaps too many) products along the way to make the wine that I purchase sing when we crack the bottle open for an evening meal. I hope that you find what you're looking for below for yourself, or a gift for someone special.


Wino Products

HOSOME Electric Wine Opener


HOSOME Electric Wine Opener, Cordless Wine Bottle Opener, 6 in 1 Automatic Corkscrew Wine Opener Set

An awesome gift for the wine connoisseur. Wine openers, aerators and more.  

Gold Champagne Stopper


Gold Champagne Stopper, Designed in France, Bottle Sealer for Cava, Prosecco, Sparkling Wine, Gold Plated,

Perfect for those rare times when you don't finish the bottle. I've heard that happens.

Beautiful Picnic Backpack


Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4 Person Set Pack with Insulated Waterproof Pouch for Family Outdoor Camping (Brush Beige)

Awesome travel pack for picnics in the park

Wine Decanter


Kitchen Craft 1.5 Litre "bar Craft-connoisseur Deluxe" Wine Decanter, Glass

Classic wine decanter 

Electric Aeration & Decanter


WAERATOR WA-A01-BK Instant 1-Button Electric Aeration and Decanter Wine Pourers, Portable, Black

A great way to aerate your wine without a decanter. Easy to use and a great affordable gift for someone who has everything and appreciates a good drop.

Wine Charms for Glasses


Wine Charms for Glasses Magnetic Elephant Drink Markers Set of 6 Perfect for Stemless Glasses

Wine charms are an excellent way to ensure you're only sharing wine and saliva with the people you want to. Once the wine is flowing at a party, these cute gems are a lifesaver.  

Wino Glasses


I Drink And I Know Things


I Drink And I Know Things Beer and Wine Glass Set- Cool Present Idea for Bridal Shower, Wedding, Engagement,

Don't all the great ideas happen after a few drinks? Who cares if you don't remember them the next day? A perfect gift for those who get their genius on while sipping their preferred thinking juice.

All Purpose Wine Glasses


These wine glasses are a classic design, a great price and perfect for when you have guests over.

Waited 9 Months For This


I've Waited 9 Months For This Funny 15oz Crystal Stemless Wine Glass - Fun Wine Glasses with Sayings Gifts...

Great for baby showers / new mothers. When everyone is handing out baby clothes, bibs and pacifiers, give mom what she really wants...

Italian Red Wine Glasses


Made in Italy, this exquisite 4 piece, 18 oz wine glass set feature luxurious and luminous Italian-crafted glass that’s sure to turn heads, add beauty to your bar top, and make the perfect special occasion gift.

Hand Blown Stemless


Hand Blown Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 2 - Naturally Aerating, Elegant Wine Glassware for Cabernet, Pinot...

I love drinking out of these glasses! Once you get over the fear your drink is going to spill everywhere (it won't), they are very cool to sip from.

Colored Stem Wine Glasses


Don't you hate it when you forget which wine glass is yours? With these colored wine stems, you'll only need to remember which color your glass was. A lot easier!

Why Buy a Wine Fridge?

Wine glasses come in many shapes and sizes. Red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne flutes, thick-stemmed glasses, thin-stemmed and no stemmed glasses. There are a lot of options.
There are of course reasons behind all of these differences. Champagne flutes are long and narrow to maintain the golden liquids bubbles right up to the last sip, while glasses with larger bowls are ideal for reds that require faster oxidization for optimal drinking pleasure. Others have funny writing on them and some are so large you can comfortably tell people you've only had one glass, even if that is the equivalent of half a bottle. Whatever your preference, hopefully, I've found some options below that are to your liking.
Typically there are two main reasons to buy a wine fridge, if you don't include impressing your friends.
Firstly, you want to keep your wine in a temperature-controlled space, that allows it to age as intended, without external conditions affecting the process. No-one wants to ruin a good case of Shiraz because it's been stored in the laundry next to the dryer! (It happened to a friend of mine, it was not a good day).
Secondly, you want the wine at the right temperature when it's time to pop it open and have a glass or three. A wine fridge will typically have two settings, one for red (50-66°F) and one for white (40-50°F).  If you're planning to keep only red or white in the fridge, then choosing which setting you want is easy! However, if like many, you like a lot of wine varietals, you'll need to make a decision on what temperature you will want the fridge set at. Unless of course you are lucky enough to purchase a fridge with dual zone temperature control, like some of the ones featured below.
Whichever your reason for getting one, there are many to choose from, whether your decision making is around budget, the size of your wine collection, the space available in your house / garage, or a combination of the three.

Ivation 18 Bottle Wine Fridge


Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler/Chiller Counter Top Wine Cellar with...

A smaller wine fridge designed for in-door use. Quiet, sleek, and designed for red or white wines.

200 Bottle Wine Cellar


Wine Enthusiast Classic L 200 Bottle Wine Cellar - Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

This one needs a bit of real estate, but it holds a whole lot of wine. 200 bottles or close to 17 cases. Definitely for the collector.

Dual Zone - 32 Bottle Fridge


Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle Wine Refrigerator - Freestanding Touchscreen Dual Zone Wine Cooler,

Dual zone fridges are perfect for those who drink both white and red, ensuring both are kept at optimal drinking temperature.


Wine Lovers is an Amazon affiliate site dedicated to wine products. As a lover of wine, I have bought and now own many (too many) products that compliment a good drop of white or red. Hopefully, you find something on this site that is to your liking.

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